Friday, April 29, 2011

Kate and Prince Williams Wedding!

Hey Guys! We all know about the wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William. Remember Kate's beautiful wedding dress

Well now stardoll is selling her wedding clothes!

Its so beautiful!

"Perfect Day Kate Bridal Veil" - 5 Stardollars
"Perfect Day Kate Wedding Top" - 12 Stardollars
"Perfect Day Kate Wedding Skirt" - 15 Stardollars
"Perfect Day Kate Bouquet" - 6 Stardollars

So Beautiful! I'm so gonna buy it! What do you guys think?

~ lovelifegirl

What's New?

Hey Guys,
Since no one has posted on the new stuff, I thought I might have a shot :D

The Royal Wedding...
I am sure heaps of you watched the LIVE coverage of the happy couple, and as always, Stardoll has re-made Kate's dress and vial and has it available for all to buy (apart from top which is superstar). I think it looks stunning! And Kate looked amazing in it as well! Congrats to the happy couple....

Thanks to SMW for picture :D

Store changes....
Also today, I relised that Pretty in Pink's store name has been changes to Pretty n' Love. Do you like these changes? Do you like the old name better?
Personally, I am not to sure which one I like better....but Pretty in Pink does sound better, when you say it.

Hope ya all like this post,
SAM out!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Follow Bonanza!

Hey everyone, soon Stardolls Styles will be reaching a huge milestone, it's first birthday in August (which is a while away, but its coming soon) I would love to be able to celebrate that day by achieving something else, 100 followers!

We are 32 followers away with 3 months until our birthday, Even though it is a while, we still need your help! You are all going to have to help us reach our big goal, without you we won't be able to do it.

Therefore I will be having a comp where you need to tell everyone you can to follow. But the prize would be a really good one, trust me!
Possible Prizes
  • To feature on the blog
  • Suite Patrol
  • Votes for CG! (Broadcasts)
  • IF I am ss, you can buy one of my items that YOU want!
But please do try and get followers, even use your old emails if you want, there are no rules about that. So ask your friends, and get FOLLOWING!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

NeW Ss DoLL!

Hey guys! There is a new ss doll out! called..... NEW Catarina Furtado NEW!

I dont know much about this new ss doll! but she looks absolutely gorgeous ! and i think it is a great addition to stardoll, oh! and also for people who r making ablums right now! u should feature this doll!

But unfortunate this is only for ss :( but hopefully this will soon turn to be a non-ss dressup too!

Comment ur OpinioN

Naomi996 (lisa) ^_^

May Hot Buys

May Hot Buys are out!

Hotbuys hair decoration: May 3rd (Splendid)
Hotbuys ruffle dress: 12th May (Pretty In Pink)
Hotbuys top: 31st May (RIO)
Hotbuys dress: 27th May (Evil Panda)
Hotbuys swimsuit: 6th May (RIO)
Hotbuys shorts:9th May (Fudge)
Hotbuys shoes: 16th May (RIO)
Hotbuys Skirt: 15 May (Bisou)
Hotbuys Bow Shirt: 20th May (Evil Panda)
Hotbuys bag: 24th May (RIO)

What do you think of them?


Monday, April 25, 2011

Fave Outfit Contest!

Hey Everyone,
It has been a while since I had a competition on the blog, and this one is for everyone, even writers! So I hope you all enter, as it is a really easy task!

What you need to do:
Dress up your medoll in your favorite outift
Then you can upload to tinypic and post the link in the comments
OR you can make a Stardoll Scenery with your outfit and tell me in my guestbook

The winner will be drawn on the 10th of May 2011
Good Luck

I almost forgot, what are the PRIZES? 
The winner gets.... 
  • A Suite Patrol
  • An Interview
  • And your outfit on the blog!

*If you want to tinypic, you just go to and in the middle you select the picture you would like to upload, you type in the code it asks you and then you get the URL code and post in the comments bellow, or in my guestbook*

Sunday, April 24, 2011

50% Off Sale!

Sale only for superstars!

In these stores:

Bonjour Bizou 
Pretty in Pink 
Fallen Angel

Hope everyone had a great Easter!


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Stardoll App - Fashion Spin

Hey Everyone,
Today on Stardoll I saw an add for a Stardoll APP, called Fashion Spin. I wasnt to sure by first looks what it woud be like, so I tried it out.
In my opinion, it is a fun game where you get items to make outfits which you get points for. You also get to use some old hotbuys and your own medoll which you can use Superstar hair, alsoyou earn items on your real account (cause you can log in). Its a pretty good game, since its free I recommend you have a look at it.
The only thing I dislike about it is that when you earn the free items, you have to have about 80,000 points, which will take you ages to get.
If you have the app, what do you think of it?
Do you recomend it for others?

Also,I hope you all have a wonderful Easter and long weekend (In Australia in particular).
Hopefully you all got yummy chocolate! So from all of us here, a happy Easter and start to new life!

LE History

Hey Guys,
Not much has been happening on Stardoll so I am here with another short history lesson!
One of the most RARE and known stores ever made, and you can never get any of these items 2 days after they come out as they are all gone by then! So here is s small history/recap of some of the most known, or unknown of the brand.

First Ever Limited Edition Collection...the only things Sellable are the Motocycle Jacket and pink pantyhose...beautiful but small collection due to its first time and the number of people that were playing stardoll back then:

Second Limited Edition also known as Valentine LE or Denim LE..i'm sure even if you are brand new on stardoll you know this collection because everything is sellable and we hear it more often on Stardoll lately....The most wanted item is the LE Cupid Dress.....if you put aside some pants ,skirt and tops the collection is great, and hard to find now!

Third Collection Spring 2009....personal favourite to most people along with the fourth season. Now this collection brought a "pink and louchious" feel to the clothes with many floral and bright colours. There was a lot to choose from but as normal seasons, they ran out fast!

For more LE items, go to the link bellow :D

Friday, April 22, 2011

Interview With Sary.Babyfayce

Hey everyone,

Today since there was nothing to post about, here's an interview with Sary.Babyfayce, a really talented scenery maker! Here are some of her sceneries and the interview below.

Where does your inspiration come from when creating your sceneries?
I get a lot of inspiration through my own work. I’m a passionate photographer. I spend a lot of time outside taking photos with my best friend Lukas and we have our own photography blog. So most often this is my main inspiration, but I also get some inspiration from other dolls on stardoll, who I really admire and have great regards for. Melinda (.naima) is one example. Be both met quite at the beginning of our careers in the second cycle of “TopModelAgency” and till then it seems as if I was always attended by her and I have to say she is also a very very very talented girl!

How would you describe your fashion style?
Haha, that’s a good one and I often get asked that and it’s always equally hard to say. I don’t know, I would describe it as very unique, cause I don’t really think about it a lot. I just grab some stuff and put it on and somehow always turns out looking good. So you could say I have a subconscious style, but I think what is most important is to be informed and interested about and in fashion, to know what is trend and then make it your own – WITHOUT plainly copying what others wear.

Who is your style icon and why?
My style icon is def Agyness Deyn. She is amazing. Her personality just shines through in each and every outfit. She doesn’t really care what others think about her and that’s the kind of attitude I really want to “copy” and what I really admire.

What are your achievements so far, regarding your sceneries?
First of all and my biggest achievement so far the first place in your ENTSM cycle. This competition was truly amazing and it showed me how much talent I have inside of me. Beside that I was so honoured to be runner-up behind Melinda, who I already mentioned in the first question. There were so many fierce competitors and to know that I’ve beaten the majority of them proved to myself that I maybe able to keep up with the “elite” (though I hate this term, but it’s just commonly used in the Stardoll modeling industry). If I’m really able to do that… we will see, cause currently I’m competing in one of the greatest modeling cycles on Stardoll: Stardoll’s Next Topmodel (SNTM.XX) by itgonnarain. I’m very excited. The first task has been published and I can’t wait for the feedback for my scenery.

What would you like to achieve in the future with your posing skills?
I think top priority at the moment is to come as far as possible in SNTM.XX and by doing that, improving my posing skills and learn more about myself and how far I can go…

What would be your favourite scenery that you’ve done so far?
Mhm, that’s hard… but I think the scenery I’m most proud of is the black and white scenery you have already posted in the issue. This was the first one I’ve won a task with and it got featured in Editorialized. My heart just beat so fast when I first saw the good reputation I got for it. So, yeah, I would say this is my favourite scenery so far.

What is your favourite trend?
I really don’t like trends. What is good is that vintage stuff is coming in. I love vintage: lace, floral prints … adorable. But I’m also very happy with the trend colours for this summer, finally the dull and boring trend of black, grey and other dead colours is gone.

Do you have any other talents or things you love to do besides scenery making? 
As I already said, I’m a passionate photography, but I also start sewing for myself. I’m not a pro, but I’m improving. Haha. I really got a lot of creativity in me and I love to express it in any possible way: photography, design, paintings… sceneries! It’s just what I like to do and I think that’s why I’m so good at it! :)


New Hot Buys Out!

Sorry guys for not posting earlier! New Hotbuys Dress is out! At 20 stardollars! Kinda pricey! Also thank you other writers for writing while I was away! Thank you so much! 

Will you buy it? 

~ lovelifegirl

New Celeb Style.

Hey Guys, first of all, sorry for not posting in forever, i have been really busy with homework.

Blake Lively (It's Not that good...)

Naya Rivera (Santana)

Thanks Guys,
I hope You like them.

Oh and Please give me ideas for the next post, if its people you want to see in celeb style, or different types of posts, they are all appreciated. 

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Hey Guys,
Heaps of posting going on this month! We have 33, thats a record.
Also, when I looked today I saw that we have 60 FOLLOWERS. Well, I am over the moon about this because I have worked so hard on this blog, and heaps of the writers have as well. Some might think, "60 isnt much" but it is really hard to get 10! And we have 7,000 views and counting. So I would like to thank all of the writers and followers by having this little banner made with the whole crew on the blog.

Thanks again to everyone for your support, views, comments, contest entries and everything that helps out this blog, and lets slowly get ready for our 1st Birthday in August :D

I love you all so much, Olivia 

Hot Buys Garter Tank Released

The Hot Buys Garter Tank has been released for 18 Stardollars. You can find it at Bonjour Bizou. I think the pattern is really nice. What do you think?

And here is the real life version by Kiki de Montparnasse.


Pet-a-Porter Cats Grow Up

The Cats from the shop Pet-a-Porter have grown up! I think they looked cuter when they were smaller.

What do you think?


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Starpoint Hair!

Today since there isn't much going on around in Dollyworld, I thought I'd post all of the Starpoint hair! I have all of the currently avaliable Starpoint hair, I have almost 10,000 Starpoints, sorry for bragging, haha.

Anyway here is all the Starpoint hair 4000 onwards.

Have a great Easter everyone!


Free Laptop!

Hey Guys,
How about that new writer? She has an amazing choice of fashion sense, check it out HERE!

To get the Laptop.....
Log into stardoll and click HERE. Once the page has loaded cross the tab/window. The laptop should be in your suite to the right of your closet. Thanks to BIS

If you already have your account connected with a facebook account it may already be in your suite.
What do you guys think of this? Will you get it?


Hey everyone,
Here are some new spoilers due to come out in maybe a few weeks or even days!

As you can on the top picture i am guessing this will be some free stuff for us! maybe including the mascara as well :) in the next 2 pictures some of these clothes were released in the new collection "Daring Dolly" posted earlier today. So What do you think? Do you like the clothes? Too Plain? Or just something that we've already seen stardoll do before? Comment and tell us what you think! :)

Thanks to SMW for information!