Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What's New? Sunny Bunny Kloz!

Guess what?

There is a new shop in Starplaza !
It's another Sunny Bunny, but it sells Clothes!

Sunny Bunny Kloz is the cute new clothes line in Starplaza !
Sunny Bunny, the Japanese inspired collaboration between Stardoll's Kawaii-loving designers & Stardoll users feedback have just released a brand new clothing line that fits perfectly with all the Sunny Bunny accessories ! A perfect way to start the Season !

~Jeeeeeesss. xD

Monday, November 29, 2010

Hotbuys Bag (:

First Of All Welcome Jess, Our new Staff To The Stardolls Styles Team!
Well. Hotbuys Time.
There Is A New Bag And It Is Fabulous!
Here It Is:

WinnieJes' First Post ! Hello to you all !

Hey guys!

My name is WinnieJess18, but you can call me Jess.
I have been on Stardoll for about 3 years & I have recently made friends with Olivia (OliviaPap101). She has been very nice to me and has given me a job here to write about Whats New on Stardoll !, so you should go and Check out my suite ! Okay, enough about me...

So, What's New? How about the Black Friday Campaign. The Black Friday Campaign is basically just a mass shopping week ! Yes, thats right, you can stop 'till you drop and still get some fully sick gifts with the Gift-O-Meter ! There are 12 fabby gifts to unlock so buy as much as you can while The Black Friday Campaign is still going.

Well, Hope you liked my first post, and expect some more to come !

~Jeeeeeesss. xD

Friday, November 26, 2010

Hotbuys Report!

The Newest Hotbuys Are Out!
Ugg Boots And Brown Shorts Both From Rio!

Question From A Stardoll Member. (Sorry, We Have No Right To Publish Her Name)

Q. What Goes Well With Them Both?
A. Well. Have You Tried The Cowboy Print Tee With The Uggs And Shorts? It Looks Awesome!

Here is The Picture:

Have Fun With The Hotbuys xx


Monday, November 22, 2010

That Special Competition

Hello All viewers, followers and writers.
When I started this blog I wouldnt have ever thought in my life that 
it would get to where it is now. 
With many amazing and talented writers, so many wonderful followers 
and the viewers that always view!
I am so proud to say that we now have a stagering total of TWO THOUSAND views!
We also have 35 followers! And a special 140 posts!

To celebrate this amazing event, I am hosting a comp!
All you have to do is bellow comment on the best suite that you have every seen in your life, and you could win! 
Make sure that you include your and the persons Stardoll name!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Hotbuys Report

Hotbuys Once Again. This Super Cute Hotbuys Dress Is Found in Rio. For Sup
erstars Only, This Dress Is Well Loved By All Superstars.
I Have Asked Some Questions To j-hellokitty about the dress :
Q; Do You Like The New Black Hotbuys Dress, And Why?
A; No i don't. I don't really like the style and its way too overpriced i think!

Q; What Do You Think Stardoll Could Do To make It Better?
A; Well i think they could add a bit more stuff to it, instead of it just being boring and plain like it is now.

There It Is. Ad Here It
Is For 16 Stardollars. Like It? Comments x

Hotbuys Leggings!

Personally, I Don't Like Them But That Doesn't Mean You Can't!

Here is A Picture. Like Them? Comment x

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Superstar Hair

Hey Stardollarians
When I logged into stardoll I found a message from and below is a picture of what I got! New Superstar Hair! I love all of them, especially the one in the top row on the end of the right side :) They are just awesome!! To bad it's only for SS
xx montux2

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Best Outfits

Hello Everyone,
As some of you might have known, the new LE season is out. I am a fan of LE but I am not ss to buy it. Anyways, will you be buying anything? On with todays the best outfits...I chose an outfit that I think that it is affordable for both non and ss. 

Items Needed:
Fallen Angel: Tube Top
Stardoll: Skirt
Found In The 6th Window: Bow Tie Belt
Rio: High Heels

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Interior From Harajuku Lovers

Hello Everyone,
You might have seen on other blogs that to unlock this fab interior you would have to use a manual proxy right. Well Wrong! Here I have found a normal proxy for you to all use and get the interior. It worked for me...so it will for you! Good Luck!

1. Use a web proxy like http://www.docoja.com/blue/
2. Paste in the URL bar this link: http://www.stardoll.com/pt/clubs/home.php?id=2351874
3. Log into Stardoll
4. Scroll down when you see a box that says enter barcode and enter: 3607342152748 and press unlock.
5. Go into your suite without the proxy, and you should have it!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

OMG seriously?????

Hey guys,
Anoushka here just wondering if u know obviously from Maddy's last post that new store Palazzo OMG is stardoll tring to rob us just for 1 stupid sign its 123 sd OMG! THATS BAAAAAAAAAAAAAD. I hate the stardoll company now.Anyway new competiton???? suggest in comments!


New Store!

I'm back.. sorry I haven't been posting I've been at a school camp. Anyways have you guys seen the new shop called Palazzo? Its beautiful even though there aren't many clothes. Click on most things and you can buy them :) The only downer is that its extremely pricey :(

Friday, November 12, 2010


Hello There Readers! Ok So My Internet Is Fixed, Still Slow But Cool. Ok So Todays Hotbuy Is A Tingeling Pale Pink Dress. Picture:

Like It ?

Suite Patrol

Hello Everyone,
This weeks suite is amazing, yet only one room really stand out to me.
The username is aadaa. Her room is all about class, with modern windows and decorations around the room! She has made the main rooms look spectacular by adding some bright background colour, the room looks really good, cause she has used the space really well. She is a superstar, but she has still put on display a lovely room!
To visit her suite, click HERE
Make sure you check it out, Ikemzi101

Comments And Writers

Hello Everyone,
Olivia here, sorry that I have been away, my internet hasnt been working. This post is just to say that the comments are going good, but we need more.

If you are a Stardoll and blogger member aged 11 and over, and have over 1,000 Starpoints why not apply for the job on SDS ?(Stardolls Styles) Simply answer the questions and you could be writing about new stores and sale items on the blog. Good Luck!

Stardoll Name:
Why Are You Applying For This Job:
Can You Screen Shot:
Whats Your Fave Thing On This Blog:

Monday, November 8, 2010

This Aint About Hotbuys

Hello All! Ok So I Know I Am Hotbuys Writer And I Should Tell You And I Will. But Ever Since My Internet Usage Is Over, It Is Slow And Annoying. Ok So When It Is Re-Newed On The 13th I Shall Post Again [:

- Mary

The Best Outfits

OMG, I know that it is way early to post again. But this outfit is a must have! Most of the items are from Pretty in Pink and at a reasonable price. Really sorry but almost every item is Superstar. But you can still have fun dressing up your medoll!
Also, I have been thinking of a new comp for the blog! Stay tuned!
xoxo, Sammy

Items in Outfit
Pretty in Pink - Ruffles Top
Pretty in Pink - Glitter Skirt
Pretty in Pink - Ruffle Lace Sash
Rio - Brown Leather Boots

Who Wore It Better?

Its that time again!
I have again picked a few Medolls, that have worn an item differently.
The featured item is the R
uffle Peplum Dress and it is from the Pretty in Pink store. You can get it for 14 stardollars.
So, your job is to pick and vote (on the righthand sidebar) who wore it better. I have 6 entries, the winner well.....you pick

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Best Outfits

Hello Peeps,
Sam here, how are ya all?
Todays outift is featuring the new edition to Garden Variety, a Pink Headband. Pretty Cute huh? I absolutely adore it! Do You?
Todays look is also based for non-ss members. Not many clothes are for us anymore, so I found one at a good price as well. Hope you all like it! Make sure you check out the new range of headbands and accessories! Have you purchased anything yet?
♥ Samantha 

Items In Outfit
Stardoll - Grey Cardigan
Stardoll - Black Jessica Pants
Fudge - Pink Zebra Tank
Splendid - Red Flower Band

Bye Bye Foreva

I am so depressed 2day n i have the most depressig new i am gonna quite the blog in 5 days I am so sorry i cant do everything like this i have too much pressure and i have too much homework so bye girls bye forever


Friday, November 5, 2010

Sale Time!!

Halloween is over :( So that mean the Halloween items from Tingeling shall be movin' out! Which means a HALF PRICE SALE!! Now these items were really expensive so now it the time to grab em'!

xoxo Maddy! (montux2)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween Inspired

Hi Hi
I have an awesome look for u guys i just made up if u zoom u will see the odd lil thing

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Free Things

sorry, i haven't been posting much free stuff. i've been really busy with school and homework. anyway, here are some free stuff!

Free Earrings

1. If you're not from Poland you'll need to use a manual proxy (safer!) or a proxy server like:
2. Enter http://www.stardoll.com in the url bar of the proxy server and hit 'Go'.
3. Log into Stardoll.
4. Now enter following link in the url bar on top and press Enter again:
For the Ladybug earrings:
For the Rooster earrings:
5. Leave the proxy!
The earrings will be in your Beauty Parlor!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Best Outfits

Samantha is bak with anotha post!!!
Today I have come up with a casual yet business like look that is all for non-superstar. The items included are not that pricey, the whole look costs 21 Stardollars. Hope you all like it :D

Items In Outfit
Stardoll - Stretch Jeans (Handy to Have)
Abbey Dawn - Blazer With Hood
Pretty in Pink - Print Tank Top (Really good for 4 SD)
Voile - Pink Shoes

November Birthdays!

Hello Everyone,
Stardoll is looking very spooky, after Halloween last weekend. I have seen heaps of things on other blogs and I would like to do similar things on this one.
The new feature that we will have is a Birthday list. Write your Stardoll name and when your birthday is if you were born in November. And we will post a Happy Birthday post just for you!
Comment Bellow if you would like to join in, we havent had many comments, so do comment!

Monday, November 1, 2010


Hello Guys [: I'm PurpleHaloo And If You Are Wondering Why I Am Posting I Am The New Hotbuys Writer.
Ok So Basically I have Made This Outfit Using One Of The Hotbuys. I Couldn't Find Fluffy Boots So I used Normal Ones. Here Is The Picture:

What Do You Think? Comments ?

- PurpleHaloo