Monday, February 28, 2011

Interview With A Covergirl

Hy Dolls, it's Arielle.
A few weeks ago I interviewed x-Supagirl-x, she was
Australian National Covergirl.

The Interview

Who is you're fashion inspiration?
My Fashion inspiration comes from many celebrities, but also my own personality. I'm an individual, i like to get a mish-mash of my faves to create my own unique look. At the moment, I'd say my fashion inspirations are Vanessa Hudgens, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Nina Dobrev and Miranda Kerr. They're stunning!

Who is you're idol Hmmm, Vanessa Anne Hudgens! Always has lol.

What do you like about Stardoll? I love the fashion of stardoll, the people, the uniqueness. The way how you can just escape reality, and immerse yourself into a virtural girlie world with no limits (unless, your non ss, and my ss expires tomorrow! :)

 When & how did you find out about Stardoll? I first found out about stardoll in 2005. I was 8 turning 9. My childhood best friend Christina told me about, I've always are a secret spot for stardoll since then. I gave it up for like 2 years, but, hey, I'm back now! Haha. 

What was it like to be National Covergirl Australia? Being National Covergirl Australia (without even campaigning!) was amazing! I can't believe it! It's such an honour! But the very interesting thing is... I won Covergirl (of stardoll) 4 or 5 days before I won NCG Australia. LOL, weird! I just feel so appreciated, being given this title. I guess its kind of an inspirational story. I've had stardoll over 5 years, and never been superstar, till a month ago... wow. My new stardoll goal is to win album, that would be AHAHAHAHMAZING! lol.

 Which stores do you shop at on stardoll Hmm... I shop wherever I find something nice! :D haha, but my favourite is probably PPQ, and DKNY, but they're a bit pricey, so i try to stick to Bisou, Rio, Stardoll and Pretty in Pink. But... I think, the best, is Bazaars! I love vintage! Haha, it takes me back to the early days of stardoll when I wished I was superstar.

Thanks for reading.

Arielle xo

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Style Talent

Hey Everyone,
I have been on camp for 4 days and let me say, I am happy to be back.
Now here we have a new feature, its called Style Talent.
Up the top of the blog, there is a page (link bellow) where you can enter a form about your style!
Now this is not a job application, but it is a competition! 
The more entries, the better!

Now once you enter you will be in the winning of having your doll featuring on the blog
as a suite patrol and your doll on a banner on the side! How good is that? So everyone can 
see and look at your doll!

Enter away Now!!  Click HERE


Celeb Style!

First off, i am sorry for not posting in a while.
Today i have 3 'get the celeb style' posts

1. Lily Allen.

2.Dianna Agron

3. Mary-Kate Olsen

Hope you like them :)
- Laura

(could you please comment below on what you would like to see next, 1. celeb styles, 2. fashion tips, 3. top models.)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

200 Posts Suite Patrol

Hey Everyone,
As I went to post the number of them had just clicked over to 200! We have done that many posts in under a year! Well done to all of the writers. As usual, I have a suite for you all, the name is Popsta93 and she has an amazing suite! 
All of her rooms are different in one way or another and so does her fashion if you look into her album and photo's. I think you should all go and have a look at her suite, and vote her a well deserved 5/5! She is a great suite and medoll to visit, so make sure you go and see!


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Award Winning Presentation

Hey Everyone,
Today I was on Stardoll as normal, and I was looking at some well-known medoll when I came across one that just had to be put on the blog! The username of the creator is Poddi1, now you have to use Firefox if you want to view it the way it is sposed to be, but bellow I have a picture. She has created a three layer boarder with many amazing effects.

Well done honey, It looks amazing!

Thats all for now,

An Interview with a Covergirl.

 Hey dolls.
Today I got to interview today's Covergirl, Bexzdoll7.
I sent her a message asking if i could interview
her & surprisingly she said yes.
I had tried previously to get in touch with a 
CG and they all ignored my messages but
today I have an exclusive interview with todays
CG, I'm so excited to share this interview
with you 
I hope you enjoy.  

The Interview.
With Bexzdoll7

Who is you're fashion inspiration?
To be honest I dont really have one. I just buy what I like. and it's not like in shops they will sell unfashionable clothes. I just buy what I like and try to make it a bit different from how it is supposed to be worn. if that makes sense :)

Who is you're Idol?
I don't know. I love cheryl cole though. she went from being a nobody with no money or anything and now is a famous singer. she also beautiful and her style is amazing! she is great as she is not afraid tp stand up for herself. i love her songs as well!!! :D

What do you like about
I love how you can basically make your dream self. you can be confident and wear clothes and everything that you wouldn't normally wear. it is really like having two of yourself. also i like meeting the people on it that are really nice. it is like meeting friends.

When & how did you find
My friend told me about it and i had a look and I loved it! :)
What is it like to be CG?
It's great but i have gotten so many guestbook comments and request. I really want to reply to every thing but I cant because there is just so much!!!

Which stores do you shop at?
Everywhere really. 
My favorite shop though is H&M! :)

This was an amazing interview to conduct 
Thank you, Bexzdoll7 for agreeing to 
be interviewed.
Click here to check her Suite out!

Thanks again!
Arielle xo

Friday, February 18, 2011

SuperStar doll again.. ;D

Hey girls!
So how are u today? :]

New SS doll are came out.
This time it's Angela Michelle "Angie"Harmon. :]

So little info about her:
Angela Michelle "Angie" Harmon (born August 10, 1972) is an American fashion model and television/film actress. She became a well-known model in the 1990s and developed a career as a television star after roles on Baywatch Night and Law & Order.

Sorry so little information. :]

Some piccs:

Yours Keita. ;**

Arielle's Intro

Hiya I'm Arielle, I'm fourteen and I live Australia & I'm addicted to Stardoll.
I'm interested in fashion and design, as well as music & art.
I'm new to Stardolls Styles, my position is "Interviewer" which means I interview different Medolls twice every two weeks, which is very exciting.

I can't wait to start posting my interviews!!!
Arielle xo

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Suite Patrol

Hey Guys,
So I was on Stardoll right, and Olivia tells me, 'There is this amazing suite, go check it out'. This girl that I am about to name has one of the best suites, she also sells her designs, which are just as good! Her name is boninini and she has a great sense of style! My favourite room of hers is the second bottom right hand room. It looks so nice and elegant, I think from all of us, she deserves a 5/5!

Samantha is Out!
:D Until Next Time, Keep Patroling!
PS: Should we have a Suite Patrol Comp Soon?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Upgrade For LUXE?

Happy Valentines Day,
Hopefully some of you got notes, I didn't. 
Anyways, today I got a message telling me if I upgraded to Superstar between the 16th to the 20th I get free "Rare"? LUXE items. Do you think its worth it, I certainly don't! Let us know in the comments.

Also, I have been brainstorming some ideas for a colour makeover to more of a Burberry pattern, I hope I spelt that right. So let us know in the comments what you think of that.


New SuperStar doll again. :]

New SuperStar doll is came out again.
This time it is Amber Rose Tamblyn, so here is little information about her. :]

Amber Rose Tamblyn (born May 14, 1983) is an American actress and poet. She first became recognized for her role on the soap opera General Hospital as Emily Quartemaine followed by a starring role on the television series Joan of Arcadia portraying the title character Joan Girardi. She has branched out into film roles, appearing in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and The Grudge 2. Her most recent work includes a co-starring role in the film 127 hours with James Franco and she has recently joined the main cast of the medical drama House portraying the character Martha M. Masters.

Some pictures. :]

Yours Keita.

Hope you like my posts. :]

Monday, February 14, 2011

New SuperStar doll.

Hey girls. :]

New superstar doll came out. It's Sara's Nuru doll.
So here's little information about her:
Sara Nuru was born as the third daughter of Ethiopian immigrants, who left their home in 1986 and settled down in erding, in southern Germany. The family lived in Erding until 1999 before they moved to Munich. Nuru is fluent in German, English and Arabic. She also speaks a little bit of Amharic. It was during her highschool days, when a friend of her persuaded her to participate in the fourth cycle casting of Germany's Next Top-model in Munich. Nuru was chosen as one of the finalists and won jobs for Sony Ericsson and Gilette during the competition. On May 21, 2009, Nuru was announced as the fourth cycle's winner and the first winner of color. Unlike the three previous winner of Germany's Next Top-model, Nuru didn't win a modeling contract with IMG models, but with the Heidi Klum GmbH, whose manager is Heidi's father Günther. Before Nuru won Germany's Next Topmodel, she already had the opportunity to gain experiences as a model for friendly designers, after she was approached by a photographer when she was 15 years old. She appeared in a fashion show held in Dresden which also featured cycle 3's winner Jennifer Hof.

So here's some photos:

yours Nicole00007 or just Keita. :]

Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Writer!

Hey guys, Im a new writer for this AMAZING blog! Im lovelifegirl on stardoll if you ever wish to visit me, or know anything about me. I will write about hotbuys. ;D Hope to chat to you guys soon!

~ lovelifegirl ♥

Friday, February 11, 2011

Hey! :]

Hi gals!
I'm new writer Keita, I will write about new SuperStar* dolls.
On Stardoll I'm known as Nicole00007.
Hope you will like my posts.

With love,

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Twin Moments Comp!

Hey Everyone,
I am here with a competition for you, that is being re-posted!

The competition is based on the title "Twin Moments". I am sure at one stage you have dressed and looked the same as another doll and taken a picture, well, thats what this comp is about. You can either do that or a great party picture of you and someone else!

To see or make a twin moment picture, then put the link in the comments.
The one I think is the best wins the prize of a promotion banner, on the right of the blog. 

So Hurry and enter!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Free Items :]

Barbie Fairy Wings 
To receive the free Barbie Wings you must use a United Kingdom proxy, if you are from the UK then you can head straight to the contest:
1) If you are not from UK, use this UK proxy:
2) Then paste in:
3) Log into Stardoll. Then you will see a question . Answer "Fairies" .

4) Then press "Enter Comeptition" . After that, you fill out the information (It doesn't have to be true), or you can just press "Enter Competition" again. Then Log out and Leave the proxy. Hope you like it !

Credit to Lel1996

 Free Surfboard and Surfing Skirt
1) Log into Stardoll.
2) Paste this in your URL bar:
3) Create a scenery by putting at least one item
4) Go to your suite and there you will see 2 boxes 
Available till 11/02/11 

Free Superstar Brown Flower Skirt
1)1) Go to a Poland Proxy like:
2) In the blank box, paste and press GO/OK/Idz.
3) Log into Stardoll.
4) Paste this link into your Proxy URL box:
5) Log out and Leave the proxy
The skirt should be in a box in your suite. Hope you like it !
Available till 10/02/11

New writer- Diana (palmtree973)

Hey, I am a new writer on this amazing blog. My name is Diana and on Stardoll I am palmtree973, fell free to add me :D. Ill be writing about free items and cheats, so I hope you follow this blog and get a lot of free items. :D

Love Is In The Air

Hey Everyone,
As you can see I have added a few new things to the blog, fonts and a new mixpod, cause the old one was playing up. If you have any surgestions, write in the comments.
Stardoll has given us a new store for Valentines Day, check it out!
Will you be getting anything? Let us know!

Also, a couple new writers will be starting, so stay tuned!

Friday, February 4, 2011


Hey Guys
Ok so my Birthday is round the corner on feb 11 eeeeeeep im turning 10 cool huh???
So i excpect some gifts eh? Just kidding save ur money i was just jowkin
-Anou, your lil brat!
(When im happy i say weird things)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Features!

Hey guys!

OMG its been so long since i posted! Im so sorry. Ahah my holidays were boring as :'(

Anyways, stardoll has finally come out of the closet and released new eyes and mouthes for ss and re-done almost everything is the beauty parlor for all members! Its great!! At first I hated the changes but now Im warming up to them :)
xx montux2