Thursday, September 29, 2011

Superstar for a Day!!!

Hey dollies!
Yesterday when I logged in, I saw a offer...

Sorry if the picture is bad :/ But anyways... I saw the offer when i logged in, at first it was just another one of those offers for superstars if they upgraded and etc. But after I read it I really wasn't sure if it was superstar for a day to non-superstars! 8D So i clicked on "Become a superstar" and to my surprise I was SUPERSTAR!!!!!! I was sooo excited and happy as it was my first time being a superstar 8P

But stardoll does NOT support you for stardollars, so you have to get them yourself... You can get stardollars by connecting your stardoll account to facebook and twitter as well as doing surveys and doing offers. Although i wouldn't do the offers, as if you do the offer even though you get stardollars you will also get ads and "pop ups" in the future and possibly maybe viruses.

This is a AWESOMEE offer, so take grab the chance! My superstar hasn't ended yet because of time differences with America and stuff so I'm still a SS! :D

So did you become ss? What are your thoughts with this? Do you think this is just a act of kindness to non-ss or something else..? Comment! and tell me what you think!

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Hey Dolls.

I was just checking the blog & I saw
that we have reached over 200
followers, in a just over a year since, the
blog was published.

I would just like to say congratulations
to OliviaPap101 if it wasn't for you
the blog wouldn't be here today
and to all the current and previous
bloggers, who have keep this
blog running officiantly.


Thank you to everybody that
supports this wonderful blog

With love,

Arielle xx

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Interview Time: ElisaHasNoLove

Hello There,
I would just like to apologise for my lack in post this has happened
on many occasion's as I have many technical issues with my connection.

Anywho I do in fact have an interview to make
up for not posting in such a long
period of time.

Her suite Click here to visit

Who is your fashion inspiration?
I get inspiration from lots of things like, Movies, TV, and of Course K pop idols.

Who is your idol/role model?
Jung Ju Ri She is a very funny Korean comedian, She seems very down to earth and is just awesome.

What do you like about Stardoll & when and how did you find it?
I love it all. I found out about it when I was in year 7, Me and my friends LOVED Twilight, and they told me about the fan fictions in the twilight club.

What is your style?
It’s a mix of lots of things, like Lolita, Goth, Military, Punk and much more things :3

What stores do you shop here on stardoll?
A lot of them, I really like decades, folk, Evil panda and Fallen angle.

Do you like the new money system on Stardoll?
Sometimes it’s good and others not really.

Tell us about yourself. :)
My name is Elisa, I’m 14, I act calm but most of the time I am completely insane. I love manga and anime. And I am a yaoi fangirl.

Thank you to Elisa for taking 5-10 minutes of
you time to answer my questions.

Until next time

Arielle x

P.S I love you x :33333333

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Indian Givers

Stardoll, well. We all expected something like this to happen. Recently Stardoll has abled all members with accounts on Facebook to send gifts to each other through the Facebook site. There was one item which everyone was dying to have, the DKNY Scarf. This scarf as I am told is fairly rare, but as it has no label, not worth as much.

A friend of mine sent me the scarf two days ago. And it was my favourite item, until Stardoll chose to change it and take it away from me. The title of the post in Indian Giver, meaning that they have given a gift/present to someone, and taken it away with no explanation. Well Stardoll, haven't we seen something like this before? When one store was released, all of the items were for free.....yet stardoll took the items back from the purchasers and charged them. They replaced the Scarf with a really ugly pink clutch, I am very disappointed in Stardoll at the moment, but what do we really expect from them?

Comment and leave your opinion on what you think about this decision...let us know!

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Hey guys!
You can get free clothing and items from facebook, there also different clothing each day so always check! Anyways.... here's how...
I warn you though I attempted to try this but it is a little complicated but it's worth it! :D

1)Make a spare Facebook account (for those who all the times when there are free stuff connected with FB yell that they won't do it - without doing it, you won't get them) and Log in Facebook
2)In another tab, Open stardoll, Log in and Go to My settings
3)Scroll down and Click on connect to facebook button
4)Find a stardoll member on FB and Add her on FB (or make another FB account and connect it with with spare stardoll account) and then Wait till request gets accepted (or accept it yourself if it is your account)
5)Then Go to facebook's stardoll:
6)Click on - I already have account

7)Write stardoll nick and pass to Log in and Click on Connect&Play
8)Go to Gifts section, Choose a gift, Click Send button andLook for your friend (or your spare FB account)
and then when you have found it, Click on send requests button
NOTICE - YOU CAN SEND ONLY ONE GIFTS PER FRIEND - SO - if you want all of the daily gifts, you need many spare FB accounts :D
9)When you have sent yourself/got a gift on your mainaccount, Go to FB's stardoll's Receive gifts section and to accept the gift Click on Check out your new gifts button -without clicking on it in 2 days, you will loose the gift
10)You will be redirected to FB's stardoll suite, Open the giftbox and there it will be.
11)Then you can go back to and have your usual time on stardoll
Notice - that if you get many gifts, you will still have to click - each time - on the Check out your new gifts button to get them.

These gifts have seemed to be rare items, there is NO other way yet to get this clothing if
you can't get a facebook account :( Sorry! :(

So what do you think? Is stardoll just being greedy somehow? Or have they been generous? Comment! and tell me what you think! :) Also sorry for the long post! :L
Thankyou to how-to-get-free for the info! :) this information is directly from her website.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Miss Stardoll World Nail Polish

New polish is out! Not my style cause I don't like pink, but some look nice. Go to the polish store and it should be there :D

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Monte Carlo

Hey my little stardoll friends :)

So in my suite I got a gift. It was a Monte Carlo info poster and a pretty little yellow dress. I didn't think much of but be decided to go to the part (click on the poster in your suite). Anyway when I got there the party rooms and the 4 main characters from the movie. They all said 'hey' but just repeated the cycle of words and questions. I got bored and decided to leave so I said 'Bye bye guys' AND the characters and bye to me! I know it's not really them but I thought it was cool how they replied to your reasonable questions and said bye. I just thought it was awesome! Check it out before it's gone!

xoxo Maddy

Monday, September 5, 2011


Heyas Everyone,
Just to let you all know that I am considering leaving Stardoll and handing my blog to a co-owner of my choice. I have found that this is not how I would like to spend all of my free time anymore, and at the moment there is nothing to do on Stardoll.

But on the other side of things, I am here to announce the winner of the Blog Birthday Quiz. We had a great number of people enter, and I added them to a random name decider, where one persons name emerged. Almost all of the entries were surprising, having only one or 2 of the questions wrong. But this person did extremeley well. And the winner is....

I have contacted the winner and you have time to accept your prize. 
She only got one question wrong, and it was a hard one.
Well done to all of the other entries, and even though you did not win, there will be more chances I am sure in the future.

Olivia xxx

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Miss Stardoll World

Hey Hey Hey!

So I'm sure everybody has the low-down on Miss Stardoll World?
Well if not here is a little info:

-On the 16th September 680 dollies will go through to the MSW semi finals (2o from each country and 30 of the most voted countries)

- To vote people you must click the button that looks like this on their suites:

-There are some great prizes for the winners like an Ipod touch and a year SS membership! Oh and instant stardoll fame!

There so much more so make sure you check out the page with all the info :) You can find it on the start page ~

xoxo Maddy ( please vote me hehe)