Friday, March 9, 2012


Firstly, if anyone's wondering this banner is from years ago gotta get a new one -.-

Hey everyone,
Welcome to 2012~! Okay, so here are somethings you can get at the moment =)

Free 5O starcoins;
If you are from the USA, you should already have this

If you dont, heres what to do:
To obtain this you must use a manual proxy, dont know how to use one? Look it up on other various sites and it should come up =)
Put in IP: Port: 80
Follow the instructions once you connect to the proxy.

Stardoll Hacked?
Recently as i logged in this appeared:

Sorry, if its a bit blurry but it says "recently, someone tried to gain unauthorized access into stardoll. Although the hackers were stopped, to be safe, we ask that you change your password. If you use the same password for your email, facebook or any other site, we suggest that you change those passwords as well. Never use the same password for all your logins."
So I suggest to all to change your password, i did too when I logged in today. The question is, who hacked stardoll?

It was also given, that later on a stardoll staff member (Mette.Stardoll) posted in the royalty club to change their passwords, and that their payments was not revealed. Although, why did they only post this in the royalty club? I really think they should of just messaged this to everyone on stardoll instead.

Anyways, thats the daily dose for this week dollies!

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